Medical Writing


Good research is meaningless unless it can communicate the findings in a clear and interesting way. So We are offering Manuscript Writing facility to the authors who are engaged in their busy schedule of research or academics or industry. So We Offer: Manuscript preparation/writing facility not only for Research Chronicle in health sciences but for any journal of the world. All the writing would be checked by plagiarism checker before finalization

Confidentiality: All the data and results are strictly confidential and confidentiality of the research is maintained throughout the writing process until it is completed and delivered back to its original owner.

Requirement for Manuscript preparation

-Soft copy or hard copy of your Thesis/results/documents

-Name of the Journal where author wants to publish his manuscript

-Author instructions of journal

-Authors and co-authors details such as name, affiliation, designation, email address and phone number

-Corresponding author details

Manuscript Writing Expert

Manuscript writing expert and team has 10 years of experience in medical writing, product development and Quality assurance within both academic research and private companies.

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