1. Indian Science
2. Eurasian Scientific Journal Index
3. International Institute of Organised Research (I2OR)
4. Scientific Indexing Services (SIS database)
5. Google
7. Google Scholar
8. Cite Factors: Academic scientific journals
9. Research Bib: Academic Resource index
10. Advanced Science Index
11. JOUR Informatics
12. Cosmos Foundation: South East Asia Division
13. Electronics Journals Library: Vienna University Library
14. ZB MED: Leibniz Information Centre for Life Sciences
15. Journal
16. Worldcat: World's Largest Library Catalog
17. International Innovative Journal Impact factor
18. Universitats Bibliothek- FU Katalog- Berlin
19. WZB- Berlin Social Science Centre
20. General Impact Factor: Universal digital Object Information
21. Scholarsteer: Scholarly information, California
22. Gloria- Geomar Library Ocean Research Information Access
23. SPARC Indexing: An ISO 9001-2008 Certified Organization
24. Root Indexing: Journal abstracting and Indexing service
25. Chemical Abstract Service (CAS): A division of American chemical society